Be a Wise Internet User with GhostSurf

There are a number of annoying things in the world of browsing for a long time now. Because of the number of internet users, the internet has been used a major tool for advertising products. It is no more surprising to be browsing and all of a sudden, you are taken to another web page advertising bags, shoes and what not.

Sometimes you are taken to game advertisements and even illicit sites. This makes the web surfing not only annoying but also dangerous most especially for the young ones. Another problem in browsing is the lack of security. Every web page you open can be tracked down; everything you do over the Internet can be tracked down and might be used against you. The list can go on and on and there has been many ways to fight these issues.  A number of software in the market today offers and Ghost Surf is one.

Why Should You Go Anonymous?

Safety is the main reason why surging anonymously is best to be considered. To summarize the many advantages, here are the two reasons:

  1. Intact Privacy – Whatever you do, whatever you put in the internet can be tracked. Your information can be hacked. This makes you an easy prey to the hackers who might want to use your identity for something. Your safety is always compromised over the Internet.
  2. Protect you Accounts – Including on the things that can be hacked on your computer are sensitive information like bank accounts. If you are adept in making online transactions, you are more prone to becoming a victim of hacking and you fall into online illegal activities.

The features of Go Surf will help you address the issue and will help you to start your anonymous browsing. It is best to prevent and protect sooner rather than later. You must become a wise Internet user and being wise means using software that will help you be protected.

What Can Ghost Surf Do?

The Ghost Surf has been in the market for quite some time. This software is the most adept in securing the Internet privacy. This helps in keeping your surfing experience not only smooth but also safe.

  • Secured transaction – The advance surfing tools to Ghost Surf encrypts your Internet connection. Your surfing will then be routed via private anonymous hubs making your track secured.
  • Protected Privacy – Rest assured, all your web history, the cache, the clipboards and cookies – everything will be deleted. This then saves you more space for your faster web surfing and it protects the information you might not want others to discover.
  • Spam Prevention – Say goodbye to threads, email spams, scams and viruses that are sent via your email address. Ghost Surf allows you to receive and send messages without your identity are shown to everybody.
  • PC Slowdown Prevention – The software prevents pop up ads that contributes to the slowdown of your computer. It also eliminates in- page and add – on search engines in invading your surfing.

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Why Is Anonymous Surfing More Secure?

Undetected surfing made possible by GhostSurf 6

Hello Friends! Today, let me share you the reasons to go anonymous when browsing online. It allows you to hide important information such as IP addresses and other online activities.

There are a number of good reasons why you must surf the web anonymously.  Probably the two most important reasons why you should maintain anonymity online are:

  1. It lets you protect your identity against people who wants to track your personal life using the internet. You see, once you log in to the internet, you allow anyone who has access to it to know about your geographical location, personal information, and other materials that could be useful to them but compromising on your end.
  2. Anonymous surfing further protects you against people who wants to hack your computer to access sensitive information like your bank accounts. When you get used to doing transactions online, you become vulnerable to hacking and other illegal online modus operandis.

Secured surfing of the internet including anonymous browsing is easy by using internet browsing softwares. A great software, like GhostSurf ($38.95) , could help you  achieve internet anonymity. Along with letting you anonymously browse online, you also get to be protected against viruses, spywares, and internet criminals who wants to access all of your information.

Identity theft is very common and nobody is safe from it unless you know how to protect your system from being hacked. GhostSurf encrypts all data processes that takes place when you surf the net. Unauthorized people who wants to gain access into your online activities are automatically halted. It also protects you even more by erasing your tracks, all sites you visited, everything you typed on the pages like bank accounts, email addresses and passwords, everything is wiped out.

This software also aid in warding off web ads that are very annoying since they take a considerable amount of screen space.These advertisements will nag you to try out different offers and even ask you to sign- up for useless stuff. They even try to shut off the page that you are browsing if you continue to ignore them. Eliminating them could lessen the trouble especially when you are working on something important.

You can also help avoid having to deal with internet crimes by not downloading or installing suspicious free software that are littered on the internet. Download only from companies or websites that you trust so that people without your permission cannot gain access into your computer.

Using GhostSurf is a very convenient way to protect yourself from all dangers lurking in the internet. It helps you achieve a peaceful mind and be worry- free everytime you use the internet. Your browsing experience will be more relaxed and you can fully enjoy the benefits of using the world wide web.

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Peter–Your GhostSurf Guide


Spyware – How to Avoid It

Just like in dealing with viruses, there are a number of easy steps you can take to make it harder for spyware to get onto your computer in the first place. These are:

  • Don’t install free software, or software from people or companies you don’t know or trust
  • If your browser opens a window asking you to install a plug-in, say “No” unless you absolutely trust the company that made the plug-in
  • If you get an e-mail with an attachment in it, don’t open the attachment unless it’s safe (e.g. a document or a spreadsheet, not a program)
  • Use a Anti-Spyware software in case the spyware gets through such as SpyCatcher or Vipre Anvivirus AntiSpyware.

These steps are very important for anyone, because they will protect against most viruses in addition to most spyware. Unfortunately, they don’t protect you from spyware that other people install on your computer and they don’t get rid of the spyware you already have.

For spyware (unlike most viruses), there is a small hope that you can actually uninstall the software. If you have spyware made by a reputable, large company (like Alexa), it will sometimes allow you to uninstall it using the Windows Add/Remove Software feature in the Control Panel.

Unfortunately, this applies to a very small minority of all spyware and it doesn’t apply to any of the dangerous forms of spyware. To get rid of most spyware, and certainly all the most dangerous spyware, you’ll need an anti-spyware product. Anti-spyware products work just like anti-virus — they search your computer for known spyware, and whenever they find spyware they disable or remove it.

Given the current danger spyware poses to computer users, it’s a good idea to treat spyware as seriously as viruses, and use anti-spyware software as proactively as you do anti-virus software.

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New Ghostsurf 6.0

GhostSurf 6.0

New Release: GhostSurf 6.0

Ghostsurf is the most comprehensive Internet privacy product, ensuring a secure surfing experience.

And now with GhostSurf 6.0, it provides a  more secure and anonymous Internet connection to let you surf the Web invisibly with additional safety functions. It works with all Web browsers, and also supports instant messengers, newsgroups feeds and popular chat programs.

With its new features, it is safer than ever with its advanced encryption model to allow you to encrypt your Internet connection better and now also with a faster connection!

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  • Surf anonymously. This feature makes you invisible to prevent hackers from monitoring your activities when browsing the internet.
  • Prevent Identity Theft. It protects you from criminals out to steal your identity by masking your IP address. These criminals could obtain lot of information using your IP.
  • Encrypt Your Data. Everything that you do in the internet is protected by a strong encryption so unauthorized people will not be able to access it.
  • Erase Your Tracks. Everything that you did and went to online will be erased by this feature. It totally cleans all traces of web browsing. Data is erased to Department of Defense standards.

Our whole web experience will be worry free and more enjoyable with the help of this tool. Virtual surfing with  Ghostsurf 6.0 will definitely give you peace of mind ☺

For more info check out : Ghost Surf 6.0

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AdArmor – Blocks Ads For Good

stopadsHello Friends,

As we go online daily, we encounter some annoying web ads, free smileys, invitations to join social networking sites, download free music and so many different blah-blahs all of which gives you the same  thing – Wasted Time!

What is a Web Ad?

A web Ad is another form of advertising, unlike the common forms such via television, radio, or newspaper, web Ads makes its way via Internet. It’s an advertising strategy which is commonly presented by a simple  image, but in these modern days, we often see them employed with animation, sound or a video just so it looks attractive.

The purpose of these is  to attract your attention by  distracting you, so that when you click on them advertisers get revenue.

They are normally displayed somewhere in a web page in an image form, or at annoying times  a window just pops up right in front of you from nowhere or behind your web browser window.

How to block a web ad?

1. Newer web browsers have options where you can block pop-up windows, disable JavaScript and images from certain websites.

2. Use proxy servers such as Privoxy, which blocks the unsolicited banners from the sites you’re surfing.

3. Use a software that blocks ads such as Tenebril AdArmor.

adarmor_boxTenebril AdArmor is a very handy application in blocking those annoying ads. It also blocks unsuitable content, saving you tons of bandwidth, giving you a faster Internet connection.

AdArmor offers you the following features:

– Eliminates all types of advertisements.

– Shuts down annoying messages like a nag screen – an advertisement in a shareware program that routinely asks the user to register and pay for the software. You can also create a list of blocked sites on the Advertisers list.

– Auto-updates itself to keep up with the advances of Ad technology and to block them.

– Excludes websites that you want to give permission to display pop-up windows.

– Saves you time and bandwidth.

So you can relax and stop worrying about those annoying web Ads and let AdArmor do the job!

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Peter- Your GhostSurf Guide

Be Spam-free

spamHello Friends,

Have you been having trouble with Spam Mail which steals your valuable time? Do you waste several minutes or even hours every day clearing/deleting spam mail from your inbox?   I have good news you can easily reclaim your valuable time with GhostMyMail,  no more hours wasted on management of spam emails!

And whats more GhostMyMail also protects your online security keeping you safe from online scums and viruses.  For only $19.95 you can regain full control of your  inbox.

But ever wondered what exactly is Spam?!

Many of us believe that spam is unsolicited email. Yet, this definition is not entirely correct. Spam mail can be Anonymous, Mass Mailing or Unsolicited.

  • Anonymous – These are real spam that is sent with spoofed or harvested sender addresses to conceal the actual sender of message.
  • Mass mailing – These are real spam that is sent in volumes. Spammers make money out of the percentage of those recipients that unfortunately respond.
  • Unsolicited – These can range from mailing lists, newsletters and other advertising materials that end user have opted to receive by subscribing thus considered legitimate mails.

These different groups of Spam emails can also be categorized under the following headings:

  • Adult content

Spam that falls into this category includes deals for products designed to enhance sexual potency, link to porn sites or porn ads.

  • Health and Medicine

This category includes advertisements for weight loss , skin care products, dietary supplements and other products available online.

  • Information Technology

With offers from low-priced hardware and software, as well as web services such as web hosting, domain registration, SEO and so on.

  • Personal Finance

It includes insurance, debt reduction services,loans with low interest rates and more.

  • Educational

It includes offers for seminars, training, and online degrees. Here is an example:

Learned enough? Good then don’t allow yourself to fall prey to Spam mail wasting your valuable time!

Thanks to Tenebril they have made it very easy to protect ourselves with  GhostMyMail that stops spam PLUS protects your online identity! With it, you can also send and receive emails anonymously and virus-free!

You can read more about the special and unique features of  GhostMyMail and be completely spam-free!

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Peter – Your Ghostsurf Guide

Phishing – What is it?


Hi friend,

You must have already heard of Phishing but do you really know what Phishing means?   Well, guess what, you may not know what it means but you may have fallen prey on it.

I’ve checked with my ever-trusted friend, Wikipedia, and this is how he defined phishing “[it] is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.”

Criminals use fraudulent e-mails, Web sites and even instant messaging as bait into luring consumers to enter their personal details such as their Social Security numbers or account passwords at a fraud website that looks almost identical to the genuine website. Lots and lots of people have been victimized by these phishing attacks and still counting. With the lack of awareness and accurate security measures, no wonder the number of phishing incidents is growing outrageous.

And because we care about you, your safety and your identity, we are giving you a tip on how to save yourself from being victimized. One of the many secure ways to avoid falling prey on this type of trap is to have a technology that can protect your identity whenever registering or shopping on a specific Web site.

The top ranking software with  anti-phishing protection include:

GhostSurf Platinum 5.5 – The most comprehensive Internet privacy product, making users virtually invisible on the Internet and ensuring a secure surfing experience. It has the capability to prevent your identity theft and credit card fraud plus:

– Erases all traces of your Web surfing

– Removes aggressive spyware

– Secures confidential files and passwords

– Eliminates online ads

NEW Stops spam from flooding your inbox.

–  Read More GhostSurf Platinum 5.5 features here…

Another top ranking software with anti-phishing capabilities :

SpyCatcher 5.1 – The software made to detect and remove Spyware. It has a capability to prevent your identity theft and credit card fraud plus:

– Allows novice PC users to remove aggressive spyware

– Stops next-generation, mutating spyware

– Block reinstallation of aggressive spyware

– Removes spyware safely and automatically

– NEW Enhanced Real-Time Proactive Protection

– More new and improved SpyCatcher 5.1 features here…

To know more about Phishing and other Internet security threats, check out Online Security Guide.

Get protected from Phishing attempts before its too late!

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GhostMyMail Stops Spam and Protects You


Hello Friend,

Are you so fond of doing online stuff such as shopping, surfing, chatting, blogging and socializing since you and Internet have met?

Boy, don’t give me that head shake, when I know too well that you’re bound to nod. If you are guilty of the above you are at high risk, fortunately Softwarecasa is on the lookout for you.

Online Protection for your Peace of Mind

The New GhostMyMail will keep you one step ahead of the Spammers and Hackers stopping Spam and protecting you online.

How am I at Risk ?

man-running-with-a-computerMost of us are clueless of the risks that Internet may bring us, into our lives and to our computers. Every now and then, we hear of unfortunate stories of people being ripped off and businesses closing down. Both are traumatic, right? Either way, one would never ever wish this to happen to them, neither do I. Nobody wants to be a victim. Remember this, there’s no victim if there’s no negligence.

Let’s say for example out of all the spams bombarding your inbox, on one or maybe all of those spams you have been tricked on giving out your personal information, like your social security number or your bank account number. This can be pretty unfortunate if you will fall prey into this kind of tactics.

Purchasing Online Safely

Another unfortunate example is purchasing from online shops, where using the email you have setup when placing an order with them, later on they will take advantage on sending you boxful emails. Imagine, how annoying this can be.

As an answer to all our pleas, Tenebril answered our prayers and they’ve came up with an identity protector and spam-blocker, the GhostMyMail.

GhostMyMail stops spam and protects your online identity. Whether you’re sending out or receiving messages, shopping, surfing or chatting on the Internet, there’s no need to worry of your inbox being flooded with unwanted and annoying emails, all of which can be carrying a virus or a worm.

Stop being negligent get one step ahead of the Spammers and Hackers with GhostMyMail.

Enjoy Safe Surfing!

Your Ghostsurf Guide – Peter

GhostSurf 5.5 Released

ghostsurf-2008GhostSurf 5.5, also known as GhostSurf Platinum 2009, has just been released. The most comprehensive Internet privacy suite is now back and with new and improved features to watch out for, your online identity and surfing experience will be as secure and invisible as if you were flying freely in the sky.

Check out some of the features from the new version of the Identity Protection Security Suite, GhostSurf:

• Do online transactions securely – With GhostSurf’s advanced surfing tools, your Internet connection is encrypted and your surfing is routed through private anonymous hubs to ensure your security and anonymity.

• Privacy Protection – Erases your Web history, cache, clipboard, cookies and more to Department of Defense standards for data destruction.

• Prevent Spam – Send and receive messages freely with your identity hidden from anybody else online. GhostSurf allows you to make transactions over the Web without worrying those unwanted emails, scams and viruses from invading your inbox and your computer.

• The Industry’s Fastest, Most Powerful and Comprehensive Spyware Protection – GhostSurf Platinum includes the latest version of SpyCatcher, Tenebril’s state-of-the-art antispyware product (a $29.95 value).

SpyCatcher is the first and only antispyware solution that continuously protects you from next-generation, aggressive spyware easily and safely. SpyCatcher enables novice PC users to remove and block the most dangerous and complex threats automatically, protecting your privacy and preserving PC performance.

• Stop Data Theft – It encrypts confidential files, documents, and passwords with Personal Vault with a single and secure location to store all your sensitive information.

• Prevents PC Slowdowns – Get rid of all types of annoying online ads which contributes to the slowing down of your PC, with AdArmor. Eliminate those disturbing pop-ups , in-page and paid search-engine ads, as well as ActiveX, flashing text animated images and all the sorts.

Check out GhostSurf Platinum 5.5

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Peter – Your GhostSurf Guide

What’s Spyware?

Spyware is a large and growing threat to Internet users. In 2003 the National Cyber Security Alliance reported that 90% of all broadband users have spyware installed on their computers.

One spyware/adware maker, claims to have its advertising software installed on over 40 million computers. And that’s just one company — many of the most popular free software today are packed with spyware and adware from many different providers, and beyond the major companies there are tens of thousands of small programs that violate users’ privacy in every imaginable way.

The issue has become so large that the United States Congress is now investigating it. In late April 2004, senators Barbara Boxer, Ron Wyden and Conrad Burns introduced a bill to give the FTC the authority to force companies to tell users more about what their software does. And until that bill becomes law, spyware and adware are totally legal.

There is nothing preventing this software from ravaging your computer and your privacy, and indeed there are many companies and even hackers taking advantage of this dismal opportunity.

But what is spyware after all? The name certainly sounds menacing. What can it really do? How dangerous is it in reality? And what is adware, so often mentioned in the same breath? In this article, we’ll answer all of those questions as well as the most important one of all: how do I protect myself from spyware?

Although spyware is a serious problem on the Internet today, it shouldn’t make you afraid to go online or use your computer. Learning more about it, and how to stop it, is a great step towards being rid of spyware completely.

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