Hello Friend,

Are you so fond of doing online stuff such as shopping, surfing, chatting, blogging and socializing since you and Internet have met?

Boy, don’t give me that head shake, when I know too well that you’re bound to nod. If you are guilty of the above you are at high risk, fortunately Softwarecasa is on the lookout for you.

Online Protection for your Peace of Mind

The New GhostMyMail will keep you one step ahead of the Spammers and Hackers stopping Spam and protecting you online.

How am I at Risk ?

man-running-with-a-computerMost of us are clueless of the risks that Internet may bring us, into our lives and to our computers. Every now and then, we hear of unfortunate stories of people being ripped off and businesses closing down. Both are traumatic, right? Either way, one would never ever wish this to happen to them, neither do I. Nobody wants to be a victim. Remember this, there’s no victim if there’s no negligence.

Let’s say for example out of all the spams bombarding your inbox, on one or maybe all of those spams you have been tricked on giving out your personal information, like your social security number or your bank account number. This can be pretty unfortunate if you will fall prey into this kind of tactics.

Purchasing Online Safely

Another unfortunate example is purchasing from online shops, where using the email you have setup when placing an order with them, later on they will take advantage on sending you boxful emails. Imagine, how annoying this can be.

As an answer to all our pleas, Tenebril answered our prayers and they’ve came up with an identity protector and spam-blocker, the GhostMyMail.

GhostMyMail stops spam and protects your online identity. Whether you’re sending out or receiving messages, shopping, surfing or chatting on the Internet, there’s no need to worry of your inbox being flooded with unwanted and annoying emails, all of which can be carrying a virus or a worm.

Stop being negligent get one step ahead of the Spammers and Hackers with GhostMyMail.

Enjoy Safe Surfing!

Your Ghostsurf Guide – Peter